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Modern Theatre in Context: A Critical Timeline

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Herman Voaden's Rocks

Herman Voaden "abstracts" his one-act realistic drama Wilderness and produces the script as his first multi-media "symphonic expressionist" drama Rocks at the Central High School of Commerce in Toronto in April. Augustus Bridle, theatre critic for the Toronto Star, declares that "nothing quite like it has ever been done in Canada." "The story, mainly in two monologues from both ends of the stage, is used as a word-continuity for the use of light and color. The set--just a few low bare rocks--looks like some modern paintings."

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Voaden directs his full-length symphonic expressionist drama Earth Song for the Sarnia Drama League in December. Lawrence Mason, theatre and music critic for the Toronto Globe, writes that the greatly increased coloured lighting projected on a cyclorama and excerpts from Brahms' first and fourth symphonies greatly enhanced the emotional impact of Voaden's symbolic text. "Largely under the catalytic influence of this overwhelming music, the miracle of synthesis veritably took place: all the various component parts of the production actually fused and blended in a unified whole, and the audience received from this highly complex and multiform display of all the arts an impression full, rich, and diversified."

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